In this sequence of creative and collaborative technology courses, Film Production students master all areas of production from script to screen. Each course offers practical hands-on experiences in scriptwriting, producing, directing, and editing. Many of these courses are Articulated to earn Credit in Escrow at ACC.



In this sequence of fast-paced, project-based courses, Broadcast students practice comprehensive production skills and collaborate with others to produce the daily announcements program, "Chap Recap." Students get hands on experience with writing, reporting, directing, and editing the news. Students is this course must thrive in self-directed environments and meet strict deadlines.


The Practicum & Mentorship clases are designed for those students seriously interested in practical application of skills/knowledge learned in Advanced Film or Broadcast. These courses focus on Industry-related career investigation and college preparation. In conjunction with portfolio building, students will develop work for competition at regional, state, and national levels. All students will contribute time to ETV.

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