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Want to make a movie? These creative, collaborative technology courses offer Project Based Learning with practical experiences in film and video production. Work in a crew to explore important industry skills. Write screenplays, experiment with producing and directing. Learn to use camcorders, microphones, and iMac computers. Edit short films, music videos and more with Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Creative Suite. 

Like all Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes, our courses focus on workplace skills and industry standards offering students fast-paced, self-directed opportunities to explore media arts and technology, while creating awesome digital video products.

Program Courses

TC775 - Film Production

TC774 - Advanced Film Production

TC102 - Advanced Film Portfolio

TC466T - Film Mentorship (x 1.1)

TC778 - Practicum in Production (2-hr block)

Please see Course Catalog for descriptions. This Program of Study falls under the AchieveTexas Career Clusters of Arts, A/V Technology & Communications, and Information Technology. 


Make FILM your fun space. Accept the challenge to disconnect from the stress of your day while in the lab. Use this course as a creative outlet. Choose to be mindful and present in your film experience.

Avoid unnecessary absences and tardies.

Come to class prepared and ready to participate.

Be respectful of others and easy to work with.

Act maturely and responsibly.

Use equipment with care.

Take creative risks.

Have fun!

On occasion students may need to leave class (or campus) to complete an assignment or participate in production work. This will be done with McIntyre's (and parent) permission only. If a student abuses this privilege, it may be revoked and/or consequences may be assigned.


Each student must handle expensive equipment in Film Production and is responsible for equipment broken, lost, or stolen in his/her care. Parents and students must read and sign The Film Contract prior to equipment check out. The Film Lab is open for planning, editing, filming, equipment wrangling, tutoring, and catch up: 

8:15am - 8:45am

Both lunch periods T, W, Th

By appointment (with 24 hour notice)


8GB+ Class 10 SD Card for video recording

2GB+ MicroSD Card for audio recording

Flashdrive for sharing and assignment turn in

Earbuds or headphones

Phone or iPad with recording and scripting apps

Notebook or folder for production materials


All assignments, notes, and messages will be posted on Google Classroom. Please find your class code below:

Film Production - 0tqsaih

Advanced Film Production - sie0zi

Film Portfolio & Film Practicum - tp5fo2


Film Production points are earned point for point. For example, if an assignment is worth 5 points it counts as 5 points of your final average. Point totals will be posted with rubrics in Google Classroom. 

5-Point Grades may include practice exercises, screenings, thoughtful responses, sub assignments, and completion of evaluations.

10-Point Grades may include scripts, storyboards, research, reviews, rough-cuts, deadline markers, quizzes, and written reflections.

20-Point Grades may include final crew evaluations, long screenplays, video packages, final projects, contest entry, and exams.


In accordance with school policy, students have one day for every day absent to turn in make-up work before points are deducted for late work. Students must check Google Classroom and school email for assignments and deadlines. Students must present an excused pass to avoid a one-time 10% penalty for missing deadline. When contest or festival entry is required, students will be docked 20% for missing the published deadline.


In CTE we model industry norms and expectations. Watch film credits scroll and you'll see that crew collaboration and participation is key for successful film production. Therefore, each student starts the grading period with 10 points for participation. If a student has excessive unexcused absences or is repeatedly off task, he/she may lose points at McIntyre's discretion. 


Advanced Film students! Practice industry skills by collaborating in larger crews. Experiment with advanced applications of the software, technology, and techniques to produce high-end digital video packages. Consider career opportunities and expectations, gain practical experience by producing video announcements for the Chap Recap.


Accept the challenge and responsibility of producing videos for a real client—Eanes ISD! Mentorship & Portfolio courses increase awareness of responsibilities and quality of work required at the collegiate and professional levels. Members of this close-knit crew work in a self-directed, fast-paced environment to meet strict deadlines. Students build portfolios and gain practical experience as Producers of Eanes TV. 


Advanced students who make significant contributions to our productions may earn the privilege of traveling to local and out-of-town film festivals and competitions. Students will cover most expenses, including travel. UIL eligibility rules will be applied concerning the release from class for participation in extracurricular activities. Students are responsible for making up missed work in a timely manner. Here are a few to consider:


All American HSFI: 10/2-8

Austin Film Fest: 10/25-11/1

NFFTY: 10/25-28

ATPI Big 72: 2/15-17

ATPI: 2/22-24

Austin Youth Film Festival: TBD